Light the Path to Racial Justice with the film, Broken On All Sides.

Lecture at Earlham College by Matthew Pillischer

Duration: 1 hour
Speech at Earlham College from visiting artist Matt Pillischer, the director, producer, and editor of "Broken On All Sides: Race Mass Incarceration & New Visions for Criminal Justice in the U.S." Pillischer is an activist, an attorney, and a filmmaker. Here he discusses the educational campaign around the movie, issues of systemic racism in global capitalism and criminal justice, the importance of independent media breaking down racial stereotypes and presenting alternative narratives about crime and race, and how to organize for massive change.

Panel Discussion after a screening of the movie, Broken On All Sides.

Panelists include Matt Pillischer, Dana Lomax-Williams, Crystal Pulle, Joshua Glenn, Hakim Ali, and Amir Varick Amma.

Running Time: 1 hour, 5 minutes
Panelists discuss issues of mass incarceration, racism, and inequality with the audience: Matt Pillischer, attorney, activist, and director/producer of Broken On All Sides; Dana Lomax-Williams, an activist with Human Rights Coalition and previously incarcerated and tortured in PA State prisons; Crystal Pulle; an activist with Youth United for Change and formerly incarcerated; Joshua Glenn, organizer with Youth Art & Self-empowerment Project (YASP) and charged as an adult in PA while under 18; Hakim Ali, an activist with Reconstruction, Inc and Decarcerate PA, and formerly incarcerated; and Amir Varick Amma, a student and activist with Campaign to End the New Jim Crow, and previously incarcerated for two decades under NY's Rockefeller drug laws.

Broken On All Sides release statement on National Occupy Day in Support of Prisoners

Self-shot by the Director, Matthew Pillischer

Running Time: 3:00 minutes
Director/producer of Broken On All Sides explains the movie's release on Feb 20 in solidarity with the call for a National Occupy Day in Support of Prisoners. A week later, Occupy4Prisoners screened the movie for the first time publicly, afterwards featuring speakers Elaine Brown, Angela Davis, and Barbara Becnel (and other speakers & performers).

Social Media for Social Change

Panel discussion, with Matt Pillischer and other filmmakers

Running Time: 45:00 minutes
A panel about social media and social change at the Social Media Film Festival. Featuring filmmaker panelists, Porter Erisman, director of "Crocodile in the Yangtze;" Matt Pillischer, producer/director of "Broken On All Sides;" Ann Oren, director of "In Contact;" Joseph Dumont, producer of "The Naked Brand;" and moderator, Sara Gabriella, Co-Founder of Finesse Media.

Broken On All Sides Trailer

Running Time: 4:00 minutes
A short preview for Broken On All Sides: Race, Mass Incarceration & New Visions for Criminal Justice in the U.S.

How To Use These Resources

In addition to screening the film, it's important that other discussions take place around the issues it covers. You may want to host a panel discussion or lecture featuring the director or experts on the subject in your community. The resources here may be used for additional screenings and will hopefully inspire more discussion and action.