2012 Best Social Issue Documentary - Bare Bones International Film Festival2012 Accolade Competition Winner -- Liberation/Social Justice/Protest DivisionAudience Choice Award, Best Mid-Atlantic Film -- 2012 New Hope Film Festival

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Hundreds Hear Angela Davis, Elaine Brown, Barbara Becnel, and Kevin Cooper at Occupy4Prisoner Benefit (article about community screening) - 3 March 2012
Occupy Oakland, Occupy4Prisoners

Broken On All Sides wins an Award of Merit for Liberation/Social Justice/Protest from the Accolade Awards - 17 March 2012
the Accolade Awards

A Broken System Needs Fixing (review of Broken On All Sides) - 12 April 2012

Lewiston Auburn Film Festival: Criminal justice advocates will discuss 'Broken On All Sides' (article about Maine festival screening and panel discussion) - 12 April 2012
Encore Sun Journal, Lewiston, Maine

"Best Social Issue Documentary" awarded to Broken On All Sides by the Bare Bones Film Festival - 23 April 2012
Muskogee Phoenix "Film fans come to city, BareBones independent movie festival wraps up"

Ex-inmate: Education cuts mean 'we're going to need more prisons' (article on community screening and panel discussion) - 8 May 2012
Newsworks WHYY, Philadelphia

New Hope Film Festival blog post on Broken On All Sides - 9 May 2012
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"Festival gives filmmakers New Hope," Audience Choice Award to Broken On All Sides - 16 July 2012
Bucks County Courier Times

"Social Media for Social Change" panel of speakers includes Broken On All Sides director - 28 August 2012
Social Media Film Festival - Films About Social Media, Social Change & Technology

"Forum, film screening to examine incarceration's effects on black Americans: Film focuses on black prisoners" - 31 October 2012

"Broken On All Sides - The New Jim Crow" radio interview - 13 November 2012
Director Matt Pillischer, Esq. and Decarcerate PA member Owen.

"Local Attorney Premieres New Documentary on Mass Incarceration" - 13 November 2012
Philly In Focus:

"Local Documentary On Mass Incarceration To Screen At International House This Weekend" - 13 November 2012 blog post

New Documentary, ‘Broken on All Sides,’ Calls Mass Incarceration of Blacks the ‘New Jim Crow’ - 16 November 2012
Philadelphia Weekly

"PA doesn't need more prison beds: Bad way to spend our tax money" - 4 December 2012
Philly Daily News letter to editor by Matt Pillischer

"Full House for Documentary Broken On All Sides: Race, Mass Incarceration & New Visions for Criminal Justice in the U.S." - 17 December 2012
HRC's The Movement newsletter:

"New Year's Resolution: Moving Beyond 'Broken On All Sides'" - 23 December 2012
Open Society Institute Baltimore blog:

"Broken on All Sides: New documentary calls for prison reform" - 13 January 2013
North Adams Transcript Interview with director/producer, Matt Pillischer, Esq.

"ML Unitarian tackles 'Why so much incarceration?'" - 28 January 2013
Main Line Media News Article about screening and separate panel discussion led by director Matt Pillischer, Esq.


"Thank you on behalf of the spirit of George Jackson and the December 9th Georgia and International Prisoners' Rights Movement...Every conscious person in the world needs to see this film."

Elaine Brown

Former leader of the Black Panther Party

"Those among us who might think the struggle for "Civil Rights" is essentially a done deal face a rude awakening. Of several urgent moral mountains still to climb, U.S Criminal Law & Incarceration Reform is a major one. Matt Pillischer's film Broken On All Sides joins Michelle Alexander's "The New Jim Crow" and Douglas Blackmon's "Slavery By Another Name" as poignant present-tense calls-to-arms. A subject no honest feeling citizen dare avoid."

Gladden Schrock

Pulitzer-nominated Writer & Cultural Analyst

"Broken On All Sides is a compelling documentary addressing racial inequities within our criminal justice system and its devastating collateral consequences. It is an excellent resource to use in educating, motivating, and empowering your group, organization, or community on this critical issue."

James E. Williams, Jr.

Public Defender & Chair of the North Carolina Advocates for Justice Task Force on Racial and Ethnic Bias in the Criminal Justice System

"Broken On All Sides is an invaluable teaching resource. The American penal system has to be at the center of any discussion of racial inequality, and this documentary powerfully demonstrates the human toll of this inhumane system. While clear-eyed in its assessment of the many obstacles to change, it is a compelling call to action."

Greta Snyder

Instructor of Racial Politics, University of Virginia