Demand an end to the "War on Drugs." Treat drugs as a public health problem not a criminal justice problem.

  • Begin steps to de-criminalize drug possession
  • End racial profiling, cease targeting of drug busts in poor communities
  • Collect data nationally to monitor and eliminate selective enforcement
  • Stop the transfer of military equipment to local law enforcement
  • Stop federal grants for drug law enforcement
  • Abolish drug forfeiture laws
  • Fund treatment programs

Demand criminal justice & prison reform. While there are still prisons, make them humane and rehabilitative-- for the benefit of all society.

  • Create/expand educational programs for people behind bars
  • Allow easy access to family and friends while in prison or jail
  • Provide extensive mental health and substance abuse treatment
  • ABOLISH solitary confinement, long sentences, treating juveniles like adults, and the death penalty
  • Fund Public Defenders' offices equally with District Attorneys' offices
  • End privately run, for-profit prisons and prison services

Demand a change in how we view PEOPLE.

  • Black and Brown people must not be viewed as the designated enemy
  • Develop compassionate and humane approaches to problems of the urban poor
  • Provide access to living wage jobs for people coming out of prison, and provide training and alternative jobs for those who currently work in prisons
  • Reduce barriers to employment, housing, voting, jury duty, licenses, and access to education and public benefits for people with criminal records
  • Fund community development, schools, jobs, drug treatment, and health care, NOT MORE PRISONS
  • Talk about race: Identify how the system unjustly targets poor people of color

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